Think MarkBook:The Great Brain at The Academy
Author:John D. Fitzgerald
Tom is at a strict Catholic academy. He is very sneaky and pules off tricks with help from his friends. Tom and Jerry, one of Tom's friends, always have to convince Phil and Tony that thgere scaridy cats so the'll help. If there such good friends why not just help? I think its because there scared if they get expelled there parents will ground them for a really long time. I think that because they say there parents are really strict.
Page:I predict when the story ends Tony and Phil won't be scaredy cats. I predict they'll be like Jerry ready and up for anything. I predict they'll be like that because of Tom.
Page:When Tom sneaks out to buy candy, why does he go up to the attic with Tony? Why not Jerry or Phil? I would expect him to go with Jerry who wouldn't be scared while Tom's gone.
red=mini lesson
no color=not mini lesson